Keramikk Kafé Blå
by Tiina Henriksen

Keramikk Kafe Bla with Tiina

Keramikk Kafe Blå was established in summer 2019 by me, Tiina Henriksen, handy-craftsman and hobby-ceramic over 15 year. I have learned art and calligraphy in Estonia.

All the products are unique, produced and burned here, in a small and cozy home café and workshop with fantastic view on island named Hadseløya, in northern Norway.

You have the opportunity to purchase lovely handmade ceramics right here in the e-shop or you can visit us right here at the café and purchase ceramics as a gift or as a souvenir. In addition can you enjoy hot and cold drinks, different cakes and snacks.

More ceramic, less plastic

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